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About the National Unemployment Insurance Scheme

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 devastated economies around the world. Several thousands of lives have been lost to the pandemic. Livelihoods have been severely impacted and unprecedented levels of unemployment and joblessness more

Nature of the Training/Retraining Programme

The training/retraining programme is focused on skills upgrading, work ethics, productivity and attitudinal change. It is focused on boosting workers prospects for re-entry into the labour market at higher levels of productivity or performance. It emphasizes vocational, and professional training and retraining. While addressing current employability challenges, a long-term perspective in the design of training modules ensures responsiveness to future skills and labour market more

About the Training/Retraining Programme

Given the severity of the employment impact arising out of COVID-19 and the impracticability of providing wage or income support to the affected, government has decided to frontload the training and retraining component of the NUIS to enable affected workers get back into more

Training/Retraining Programme Application Process

Pre-requisite for the Training/Retraining Programme

The programme targets the following categories of workers in Private Education Sector and Hospitality and Tourism Sector:

        Workers who have lost their employment because of COVID-19; and

                      Workers who have been recalled to their jobs but working more


For the available courses for the Education Sector
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For the available courses for the Hospitality Sector
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